Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter....Ostara....Spring time!

Regardless of what path you follow, this is the time of year for new beginnings, new creations, ect. So, this year, I decided to dabble in knitting dolls. I've been busy making Ostara eggs, owls for a friend, & finally found bunny directions. So very simple, you could even do them crochet, because all you need is a dish cloth, stuffing and a little extra yarn.

I still haven't figured out how to get these pics side by side day, lol. Here's the YouTube link for the bunnies:

The Owl is my own creation, I don't have a pattern, I just make an Easter Egg, & stitch the "ears" so they're pointy a little like an owl, stuff and close. Then I add whatever I feel for the eyes & beak.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fingerless Gloves

These are very simple, beginner level, fingerless gloves. Only using 3 stitches that are extremely easy to learn. I even posted video's from YouTube at the bottom to help understand for beginners.

Here's a link of info on patterns, guide line to follow as far as asking to copy, share, ect.

Pattern I wrote myself, so please do not copy to sell, and follow online guild lines about copy rights, ect.
 I did this on the round 24 peg loom, but since they're all flat panels, they can be done on any looms. If done on the round loom, don't go all the way around or it'll be way to big.

I made 4 panels, then sewn 2 together, leaving thumb holes to fit the thumbs.

FK = Flat Knit
P = Purl

Cast on 8 pegs, only work 8 pegs.
1. Purl
2. E-wrap
3. Purl
4. E-wrap
5. Purl
6-17. E-wrap
18.-28. Flat Knit (FK)
29. P
30. FK
31. P
 Bind off with yarn needle.

  Here's some YouTube videos if your brand new to looming, or just forgotten how.....

Flat Stitch:
This one is a cast off of a hat, even though we're not making a hat, its a similar concept with the yarn
needle (only not all the way around):